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[Xinhua News Agency] HRG Breaks Talent Deadlock in Northeast China
2016-6-20 (HRG新闻采编 邢妍)

The HIT Robot Group (HRG) has attracted a large number of talents since its establishment, with the number of talents increasing from 100 to 1,000, the average age of 32.1 years old, comprising of 50 with doctor degrees, 208 with master degrees, academicians, Cheung Kong scholars, etc., when the Northeast China suffers the talent shortages. HRG became an attractor of talents in Northeast China by means of good platform, new business and good wages.

When you walk into HRG, you will feel like in the "Science Fiction World": the whole group is in a large, towering plants shape, comprising of unique square shape spaces internally, with a research and development team in each square shape space; the work room is not far away from the laboratory, and a lot of R&D personnel are calculating and recording around the machine; it seems like the future in the reality in the face of conveying robot, welding robots, mechanical arm and numerous intelligent devices, in combination with the light in the factories......

"Traditional enterprises do not conduct informatization and industrialization transformation, but they require graduates with the new knowledge to adapt to old industries, so the brain drain is the objective law." Han Jiecai, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Harbin Institute of Technology, told Xinhua News Agency reporters that the most important reason for the brain drain in Northeast China is no generation of new business, especially the production mode 20 years ago still exists in some labor-intensive enterprises, which is unable to provide a space for the talents with new knowledge to display their talents.

"Talents will stay for a career under the premise of having a decent life in the region." Zhao Liang, Director of Human Resources of HRG, told reporters that the group’s personnel wages are fully liberalized, in the form of agreement salary, annual salary system, stocks, options, etc. Talents can also be shareholders with their technological achievements, get earnings by technology transfer, enjoy profit of technological achievements transformation, etc.; the talents are also regularly delivered to Overseas Business Unit for training and learning the most advanced technology.

Meanwhile, the group has taken a series of measures to attract talents, such as the establishment of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award", and gives a one-time reward for talents that make outstanding contributions to science and technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and excellence creation; the declaration, promotion, and appointment of professional technical positions of high-level personnel are not limited by the unit structural proportion or quotas.

Reporters found in an on-site interview that good platform, new business and adequate "opportunity cost" owned by individuals are the key for HRG to be able to achieve the stay, introduction and return of basic talents and high-end talents.

Dialogue with Talent: "Why Do We Stay"

Dr. Zhang Yanling from Smart Factory Business Unit of HRG was graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology. "I would be back to Beijing in accordance with the requirements of the family, but considering that the group’s R&D is conducive to China's industrial transformation and upgrading, participating in such an event brought me unusual sense of accomplishment." Zhang Yanling said, "This is 'opportunity cost' extremely important for young people".

He was involved in the transformation of the donkey-hide gelatin production line, and developed a tailored digital production line for the industry, so that the whole process can be done automatically by the robots. This not only allows the enterprise’s development to be no longer hindered by "labor shortage", but also makes unified gelatin production standards, thereby significantly improving the production efficiency.

Sitting in the front of reporters, Yang Chifu is slightly shy, and he is doctor of engineering in the US, has ever worked in the most advanced rehabilitation robot lab in the US, and returned to China to join the group in early 2015.

"I could participate in the talent program to get a green card in the US, but I came back owing to my patriotism and the good platform here." Yang Chifu said that HRG offers a green environment for incubating enterprises, and gives comprehensive assistance in policies, capital and resources in order to encourage researchers to concentrate on research and development.

Liu Jiguang, developer and designer of the dry battery automatic production line, is about to retire, but he comes back to work in HRG. "I have been engaged in science and technology for 35 years, and know well the importance of a good platform to the researchers and science and technology projects." Liu Jiguang said that he has a profound feeling that a good platform is a greater temptation to senior researchers, since he has experienced many hardships of scientific research.

"We Can Do More to Retain Talents."

Talents are the core of all business, and are the driving force behind the process of revitalization of Northeast China and a “golden seed” for ground-breaking achievement.

"Seed germination requires good ecological environment." Cai Dezhang, Vice President of HRG, believes that the company can retain and attract more talents only by implementing innovative entrepreneurship and industry linkage, setting up three-dimensional platform including project sources, professional incubation and good destination, and encouraging the team to concentrate on research and development, with the joint efforts of governments, enterprises and universities.

Li Mingzhong, Director of Heilongjiang SMEs Headquarters Base, suggests that enterprises should take the initiative to follow the direction of national emerging technology development, do business with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, and retain talents through the realization of employees’ innovation dream and entrepreneurial dream; should give good pay and benefits and promotion space to excellent employees to meet people’s needs of value from both spirit and material.

Zhao Liang said that the government should build human resource storage and file systems, and give double material and spiritual awards according to the length of service and innovative performance; should continue to optimize the business environment, and create a visible and tangible platform and atmosphere for talents.

In addition, the public should encourage undergraduates to return home to do business, in line with the development trend of "public entrepreneurship and innovation"; the community should strive to create and encourage the budding of new business, and allow young people to have a platform to use their new knowledge.

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