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  • The HIT Robot Group (HRG) has attracted a large number of talents since its establishment, with the number of talents increasing from 100 to 1,000, the average age of 32.1 years old, of 50 with doctor degrees, 208 with master degrees, , Cheung Kong scholars, etc., when the Northeast China suffers the talent shortages. HRG became an of talents in Northeast China by means of good platform, new business and good wages.>>
  • On May 22, HIT Robot Group (HRG) Overseas Business Unit held the Talent Project Fair at Stanford University, and Zhang Haibo, COO of HRG Overseas Business Unit, attended the fair and made presentations.>>
  • Wang Xiankui, Secretary of Heilongjiang CPC Provincial Committee (middle in the front row) visited the product demonstration area of HIT Robot Group (HRG)...>>
  • Xi Jinping, General Secretary the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President and CMC Chairman, is in close contact with "Smart Hand".>>
  • At the beginning of May, the headquarters of HIT Robot Group (HRG) Overseas Business Unit was officially settled in Rockville, Montgomery County, Greater Washington, Capital of the US. The headquarters owns two offices in Washington and Silicon Valley, extending business to Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other developed markets at the same time, and is mainly responsible for investigations on first-class technologies and products, grasping the world’s leading developments, promoting brand awareness, developing multifaceted cooperation modes, etc.>>
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