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  • Industrial application oriented robot product brands, mainly used in wisdom factory products, industrial robots, special robot products (orange), and other industrial new intelligent equipment.
  • Geared to the needs of society and people's livelihood service, intelligent cloud applications robot products brand, is mainly used in health cleaning, pension assistive, medical rehabilitation, financial services, auxiliary transportation service robot products and intelligent robot cloud platform project quality control system, intelligent cloud robot products.
  • Service robot product brands, products for science education, the intelligence development of robots. Mainly used in scientific quality education, quality education and engineering skills education robot products.
  • Service robot product brands, food service and catering culture innovation oriented robot products. Mainly used in restaurant meals, coffee shops and coffee and welcome guides catering service robot products.
  • Emerging intelligent equipment product brands, products for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) application of robot. Mainly used in agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), model aircraft entry trainer, melee aerial machine, police eight axes drones, competitive sports machine, long-endurance uav robot products, etc.
Our business

Harbin Gongda industrial robot Co Ltd

Harbin Gongda industrial robot hagongda robot Co. Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of the group. Relying on in Harbin Institute of technology, talent and technology advantages, main business orientation to the workers labor intensity big, dangerous, prone to occupational disease of the industry. Specific products for hot forging, warm forging, cold forging automation robot system, automatic spraying robot system, polishing, polishing robot system, composite winding machine system, spot welding, arc welding robot system, robot system of machine tool automation, special industrial robot, industrial robot teaching system.

Companies adhering to the "innovation, quality, service, development," the concept of manufacturing to improve efficiency, enhance the quality of the liberation of artificial automation equipment.
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